Inquiry: They lack good judgment

They lack good judgment. (The Nobel Peace Prize committee, giving the 2009 prize to Obama!)

  1. True?
    Yes. It feels mostly true. I can find where it feels true.
  2. Sure it is true?
    No. I don’t know what effects it will have. I will never really know, not even several years in the future. Nobody will.
  3. What happens when I take the story as true?
    • I get agitated. I feel that they lack good judgment and made a mistake. My stories tells me it is true and supports the belief. I am interested in others who agree, I absorb their arguments so I can support my initial belief.
    • There is a sensation in my chest, sense of crawling ants in my chest and throughout the body.
    • I find and fuel stories supporting the belief.
      • Others need the prize far more. Others need the visibility the prize gives, Obama certainly does not.
      • The prize can backfire in so many ways.
        • It provides fuel for his opponents within the US. It enhances the picture of him as loved by Europeans, socialist, a weak peacenik – all of which harms him. It discredits him among large segments of the US population.
        • It brings to the foreground everything about him that does not fit the image of a worthy peace prize winner: The two wars he is leading. The additional soldiers sent to Afghanistan which will only fuel a failed policy and create more problems there. The lack of success or movement in the middle-east. The continuation of Guantanamo Bay. The list is endless. It makes people in general more critical of what he does, reducing his support.
      • Assuming the prize will influence his policies and actions seems unbelievably naive. The prize cannot possibly influence his actions to any significant extent. He has numerous constraints within the US (Congress, corporations, interest groups),  internationally (the decisions and actions of other leaders) and in terms of resources (money, time). Also, his primary role is to act in the interest of US interests, and these may not align with peace or the interest of the rest of the world.
      • His intentions is one thing, what he will be able to do something entirely different.
      • If they awarded him the prize for “changing the international atmosphere”, that seems unbelievably naive as well. Such an atmosphere can change in a day for any number or reasons, and will change as soon as another US president is elected. The atmosphere itself produces no real change.
      • Awarding the prize to Obama hurts him and the prize. I notice my view of both is lower than it was before the price was awarded, and that may be the case for many others.
      • The guidelines for the prize says clearly that the nominees are to be judged on what they have done prior to the date of nomination. For Obama, that date is 11 says into his first period as president….!
      • The head of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Thorbjørn Jagland, is seen as often exhibiting poor judgment, and this is just another example.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • Receptive. Curious.
    • Receptive to different views. Curious about the real effect, short term and long term, in the world and within the US. Realizing I don’t really know.
    • Mildly entertained.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • The have good judgment.
      • Well, they are all on top in their field. They probably wouldn’t get there if they didn’t (also) have good judgment.
      • They could have chosen someone worse.
      • I don’t know. It may be that they have the finger on the pulse of the world more than I do…!
    • I lack good judgment.
      • Yes. As soon as I believe that story, I have poor judgment.
      • I have poor judgment since I take the story as true.
      • My judgment worsens since my thoughts are confined by the story, and are enlisted to support it.
      • I lack(ed) good judgment in many situations in life. I can think of several examples.
    • They lack poor judgment.
      • Hm. There is nothing inherently poor or good in any judgment, so in that sense they lack poor judgment.
    • My thinking lack good judgment.
      • Yes, when it is taken as true.
      • It is confined by the boundaries of the story taken as true.
      • It is enlisted to support and prove the story taken as true.


– others need that support, the visibility,
– will harm him in many circles in the US (european support, peace prize, only evidence that he is weak, a talker)
– leader of two wars, increase war in afghanistan
– will not influence his actions, many other much stronger influences (is in service of US interests)
– it hurts obama, norway, the nobel peace prize
– his intention is one thing, what he will be able to do is something entirely different (depend on support from congress, influence from corporations etc.)
– brings focus to everything he is not able to do + what he does that is harmful (war etc.)

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