Don’t want to admit it to myself

I sometimes don’t want to admit to myself that a certain story feels true. It comes up as a feeling or image. It feels true for me at a gut level. But at the same time, it goes against a familiar story I have held as true for a long time and am not quite ready to let go of.

This happens naturally in life. Circumstances change. We have new experiences. Things shift.

And it happens perhaps even more frequently because of The Work, an habit of noticing and inquiring into beliefs.

I am noticing it now where one loss opened up another door for me. I told myself that what I lost was more valuable than what I got. But now I realize that what I have is perhaps even more suitable for me, even more what I genuinely enjoy and feel comfortable with.

When that thought-feeling-image comes up, it feels true in a honest and simple way. But it goes against my old story so it takes a while to completely admit it.

Of course, both stories have a grain of truth to them. Both are valid in their own way. I have seen that for a while, and there is now a shift at a simple gut level. I can feel the truth in both, and most notably in the new one since it is new.

Sometimes life reminds us of the simplest truths.

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