Friends of Michael and Connie


If you feel moved to do so, please support Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow. You can give a one-time amount or monthly donations of $5 or more. See more information on Thank God for Evolution. After so many of us benefiting from their generosity for so long, it is now time – and opportunity – for us to give something back….!

The main way we’ve generated income during the last eight years of itinerant ministry has been through selling books and DVDs after our programs, plus the honoraria we sometimes received for speaking. Now because of my cancer diagnosis and our need to stay in one place for treatment, we are being forced to evolve from primarily itinerant to mostly Internet forms of evolutionary evangelism and education. Given that it will take time to build a viable Internet ministry, however, we still need to generate income in the next six months to help make ends meet.

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