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The Norwegian princess recently published a book about angels and how to contact them, and someone I know just sent me an email with a story about how I had helped her in a past life.

As usual, these things are an invitation to explore, in this case explore ways of relating to these topics, and some possible effects of each of these ways of relating.

I can dismiss it, which can be fine, but I also miss out of insights.

I can take it as something only out there in the world. I can learn how to communicate with angels, and put myself into that story about past lives and see what comes up. Both can be very helpful, although if only taken literally, I may also miss out of some additional ways of exploring it.

I can take it as a mirror for what is already here. I can find whatever qualities I imagine angels have, right here now. I can find the love, wisdom and guidance here now, including through techniques such as Voice Dialog. I can communicate with the voice (sub-personality) of an angel, see what it has to tell me, explore how I can bring it more into my daily life. I can place myself in the helping role from the story of a past life, and experience the qualities there. I can see how I am doing that now, in this life. I can find it in my relationship to the one that sent me the email.

I can find my stories about angels and that past life, whether I believe in them or not, and inquire into them. I can, for instance, find the validity in their reversals. (An angel is wise > I am wise. My angel is always here for me > I am always here for me. I was caring > I am not caring. I was responsible, and am not > I was not responsible, and now am.)

I can find all of it here now. I can find the qualities/stories I have about the princess, her book, the ones reading it, the ones rejecting it, angels, I can find it all here now. I can find qualities/stories about people into past lives, people rejecting it, me taking care of her in a past life, I can find all of that here now. I can see it, with specific examples. I can take time to feel it, allow it to sink in. I can notice if sincere appreciation for it comes up, whether my personality initially likes it or not.

I can explore whether something like angels, or something like past lives, seem to be a part of our shared world. What is the data? What is my own experience? Can it be studied through science? What do we find?

And I can notice that too as a mirror of what is here now. I can notice it all – including stories about what is really out there in the world – as happening within my own overlay of images. It is all happening within my own world of images. Any story of what is outside of this world of images, is also an image within my own world of images.

I can notice how this human self and a sense of a doer and observer also is part of my own world of images. There is an image of this human self, an image of a doer, an image of a doer, all happening within my own world of images. Content of experience, as any other content of experience.

Is it what I really am? If not, what am I? Am I that which all of this happens within and as?

About the painting: This angel by Hans Memling holds an olive branch, a symbol of peace. Through this angel, we can explore reconciliation – whether it is with ourselves or others.

On our journey to healing and maturing, reconciliation with ourselves is often an important part, and reconciliation with ourselves allows for reconciliation with others. They are not separate.


– mirror, pointer for what is here now
– independent of whether is accurate or not in a conventional sense, discernible by science

  1. out there (only out there)
  2. in here (focus on it as projection mainly + relate to in ordinary ways)
  3. in here + out there (projection + actively explore in conventional sense)
  4. in here + out there + all here (projection + explore in conventional sense + recognize that too as “not other”)

– easy to notice the process we go through, from oneself and others
– then mimic when work on something like this, go through similar phases



  • simple explanations
    • past lives, angels etc.
    • mirrors of what is already here, subpersonalitities etc. – a way to connect with it, get familiar with, etc.
    • but may need the more exotic explanations for fascination, to be drawn in
    • sufficient, and still leaves it open – may well be something like “past lives” or “angels”, or not, doesn’t really matter in this context – a good, and sometimes helpful, story anyway

I see that the Norwegian princess has a new book out on angels and how to contact them. And someone I know recently emailed me a story about how I helped her in a past life, which was both touching and did resonate with me.

At a psychological level, and independent of whatever else may be going on, it is all mirrors. Angels, past lives, they are all mirrors for what is here. For qualities and characteristics in ourselves and our own life. For the stories we have about the world and ourselves. For the overlay of images we place on everything in our experience. They are qualities and characteristics, reflected in stories, and other stories tells us it is about something out there, in others, in the past, in the future. They are images already here now. And it is all the play of what we are, that which all experience happens within and as. Yet, even without noticing it as a mirror, as what is here now, it can be very helpful. It helps us notice, become familiar with it. The stories about angels and past lives may be just what we need for being drawn in, for becoming more familiar with those qualities, dynamics and stories, for exploring them more in depth. And when we notice it as a mirror and work with it that way, it can be even more rich and full. Noticing it as mirrors is sufficient. It is a sufficient explanation in this context, and it allows us to become familiar with it in as much depth and richness as we would like. Yet, there may be something more to it as well, and that is something to be explored through science in whatever ways is possible. And whatever we find, that too is a mirror.

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