Why this blog?

Why am I writing this blog?

The honest answer is that I don’t know. So it is good I don’t really need to know.

I used to have a paper journal, and then decided to move it to this blog to see what would happen. Would I connect with like minded people? Would I get “hey stupid” type comments, or at least alternative perspectives, which would help me recognize something new about a topic or myself? Would it help me move beyond where I am?

I did make some connections. Disappointingly few leave “hey stupid” type comments, so not much to learn there. And I am not sure if it has helped me move beyond where I am, although it may have in some areas.

The blog is getting around 1,000 to 1,500 hits a month, although most visitors (85%) leave right away! It is understandable since the topics here may not be of interest to many people. And for the ones who are interested in these topics, there is a plethora of insightful and well-written sources out there. Each one with its unique voice, able to meet different people in different ways.

3 thoughts to “Why this blog?”

  1. I’ll bite. I’ve valued some of the insights you’ve put up without ever thinking to put my 2¢ in. I don’t think I’d ever say “hey stupid”, but maybe I’ll chime in where my perspective is different.

  2. Well, as long as you are asking for feedback, I’m willing to play lawyer for the devil when I’m inspired. Thanks for the invitation. 😉 (But I’ll never think of you as stupid, sorry.)

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