There is a pitifully small band of wolves in Norway, and still some folks are afraid and want them killed.

It seems so thoroughly idiotic. No human has been killed by wolves in recorded history. The few sheep that are killed are generously compensated for by the government.

And we chose and accept far greater risks all the time, for instance every time we use a car, or use toxic chemicals in our homes or in the yard, or allow bees and wasps in nature (a significant number dies each year from stings). Most obviously, we chose and accept far greater risks through how we organize ourselves as a society, in ways that are not aligned with ecological realities (ecological footprints way over what the Earth can support, economical models and policies that ignore embeddedness in ecosystems, huge gaps between rich and poor, and so on).

It is an obvious shadow projection onto wolves, and for me, an equally obvious shadow projection onto those imbeciles who fear and want to eliminate wolves.

So what is going on here for me? They shouldn’t get blindly caught up in fear. They are irrational. They shouldn’t set a tiny inconvenience to humans higher than the existence of a whole – and ecologically essential – species. They should see it more in perspective. They should prioritize differently. They are idiots.

They should prioritize differently.

  1. True?
    Yes, it feels true. I can find where it feels true. I can find stories telling me it is true. I can find others who agree.
  2. Sure it is true?
    No, it’s just an opinion.
  3. What happens when I take that story as true?
    • I get annoyed, agitated, upset. I tell myself they could use their energy to many other issues that seem far more important today. Their energy is needed there, but wasted when they fight a tiny group of wolves living where they have lived for as long or longer than humans have.
    • I tell myself they are wrong, and I am right. I feel superior. I know, they don’t. I get it, they don’t. I have my priorities straight (at least more than them), and they don’t.
    • There is a sense of separation. Loneliness. Of not feeling home. Not belonging in this society. I feel alienated from others, myself, life.
    • There is a sense of precariousness. I know I am attached to a belief, and that it is not true. There is a much more comprehensive picture that feels more honest for me, which includes all the reversals of my own story, and that they are all only possible practical guidelines. I am defending a position that is indefensible. I know it can easily be recognized and pointed out by others, so I am torn between holding onto this belief, and find what is more honest for me.
    • When did I first have that thought? In middle school for certain, possibly earlier. As soon as I realized some folks don’t respect the rights of non-humans.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • Clear. Receptive. Curious. Sense of being at home. No positions that needs to be defended.
    • Curious about the validity of the different possible views, and how they all fit together. Curious about which approach seems more practical, wise and kind for me.
    • Sense of belonging. Intimacy with myself, others, nature, views.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • They shouldn’t prioritize differently.
      • Yes. I see that. They are living their truth, as I am mine. Neither of us can help it.
      • The whole universe led up to that situation, with these people holding and expressing those exact views. Who am I to argue? (I can disagree, but cannot really argue with reality.)
      • They help me find my own beliefs and hangups.
      • They help mobilize people to support wolves and other animals.
    • I should prioritize differently.
      • Yes, when I get caught up in that belief, and try to defend it, I am not prioritizing as I would like. I would rather inquire into it and find what is more honest for me. Which in turn frees up energy for being engaged in the world in ways that seem more helpful.
    • My thinking should prioritize differently.
      • Yes. As above.


– idiotic all around, fear of wolves + wanting them killed
– chose risk all the time, for instance every time we use a car, or use toxic chemicals in the home or in the yard, or allow bees and wasps in nature (a significant number dies each year from stings) – shadow projection onto wolves, and for me, on those idiots who fear wolves
trigger: another story in Norwegian news, and one about Sweden

One thought to “Wolf!”

  1. I love this article and the picture of the wolf. His presence is powerful. He has a depth and mystery that runs deep. I rode on an elephant in Thailand all alone and I was amazed at the power of animals. Somehow knowing them without fear you get to experience who they are. I had the same experience with dolphins in Cancun. So it makes me wonder who wolves are. I saw Twilight Moon recently and the wolves in there gave me some knowing about their power and purpose. I wish people could have a dream and become a wolf and then they might respect them and give them a chance to be who they are. thank you for sharing this article.-Carolyn

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