Dream: Jewish family

I am a close friend with a Jewish family. There is a growing hostility towards Jews in the community, and one day – while I am visiting but in another area of the house – the family disappears. I notice my fear of speaking up against the almost universal hostility, recognizing that I will almost surely meet the same fate as them if I do, and instead try to find a way to either help or escape unnoticed.

As I wake up, my own life in Norway is in dramatic contrast to the situation in the dream, and there is gratitude and also a recognition that I want to use my fortunate situation more consciously to help others (and myself). I am also ambivalent and disturbed by my inactivity in the dream. I will help if I can do it without putting myself at great risk, but not otherwise. If I was more clear, and coming from more integrity, I may still chose a similar strategy, but I also may chose to stand up more strongly.

Day residue 1: Reading about a new graphic novel about the Jews in Norway during WW2. (Very few helped them or stood up for them, and of the ones captured by the Nazis, almost all died.)

Day residue 2: Dhamma Brothers, the documentary about Buddhists teaching meditation in prisons in the deep south without hiding their Buddhistness.

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