Documentary: Meredith Monk

A documentary by Peter Greenway about the music of Meredith Monk. What better combination?

Her music is among the most beautiful I know. It sends shivers down my spine.

As other music I enjoy the most, it has the quality of an organic, earthy, and natural object. Dug out of the ground. Discovered more than created.

Is there anyone else who expresses such a range of emotions and states of mind in such an immediate, subtle, heartfelt, and beautiful way?

There is beauty. Longing. Silence. Voice. Intensity. Ebb and flow of emotion. Disharmony interwoven with harmonies. Complexity. Utter simplicity. Maturity. Childishness. Aloneness. Interaction. Reflection. Immediacy. Sadness. Ecstasy. Pain. Serenity. Humanity. Sophistication. Heart. Vulnerability. Instincts. Earthy nature.

Just as life.

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