Dream: SETI

The international SETI community receives a Nobel prize and gather to celebrate. I am among them, but am a little dismayed that they are not coordinated and organized better. In the late afternoon, I give a talk which helps give focus and organization to the group as a whole. I have been a fan of SETI since childhood. In the dream, each of the SETI teams were well organized and efficient, but they were slightly unfocused and disorganized when they got together. They lacked clear leadership and organization, and were more into celebrating than getting work done. After watching this for a while, I gave a talk which helped focus and organize the group.

This is quite similar to my own life. I was hit quite hard by chronic fatigue about three years ago, and my focus and passion unraveled and drained almost completely during that time. Before this happened, my attention was quite stable and easily focused, as I noticed in daily life and during sitting practice. The last year or so, it has been much more frazzled and unfocused, as am I in daily life. I have spent the last half year or so trying to bring it all back together, including through some breath practice. It is only over the last few weeks I am starting to notice a more significant improvement.

This can also be seen through the Big Mind process. I used to have a relatively strong and engaged master, but he went down the drain during the most strong chronic fatigue period. Now, he is gradually waking up again and coming back, even if there is still much further to go.

It is amazing how thoroughly I collapsed during the heavy chronic fatigue, but also good to see that it can reorganize and come back together again, much as before.

So, why SETI? The search for life elsewhere in the universe shows curiosity, long-term views, and use of technology to answer some of the deepest questions we have about ourselves and life in general. It is, in many ways, aligned with the deepest values of humanity.

The dream then gives me a clear image: First, teams working in an intelligent way on the deepest questions, aligned with the deepest values. Then, the larger group starting out slightly uncoordinated and unfocused, and then finding organization and focus through clear and strong leadership.

The first part is mostly in place, at least for now. The second part needs attention. I need to provide that focus, organization and leadership for myself, in my daily life.

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