Finding resolution here as well

A part of our life is the experience of some things not being fully resolved.

And one way of working with it is to resolve it here, for instance through visualizations, acting out, or dialogue.

It is quite simple, maybe even so simple it sounds silly.

Take the unresolved situation. Stage it and include the important characters. Allow it to play itself out and find a full resolution.

There are many possible variations here. It can be visualized. Played out through active imagination. Acted out alone or with others. Done through dialogue. Through first or third person perspectives for the different characters. A facilitator can be included. A wise person. A magic wand allowing shifts to happen into a full and fully satisfying resolution.

The process can be long or brief, and may come with insights and shifts or not, but the most important aspect is the sense of a full resolution. How would a best possible and fully satisfying resolution feel? Look? Unfold? I may even skip the process entirely and just find the feel and look of a best possible outcome.

The main effect of this is that sense of a full resolution, or at least the possibility of such a resolution. It allows for healing, shifts in orientation, perhaps even a sense of understanding. It invites it to heal and resolve here.

It is a process that is very helpful if other people are involved, and they are not around or available for whatever reason. And when the situation is moving towards resolution and shifted here, it is more likely to happen in the world as well. With more clarity, coming from a different place, I may act in ways that allows the situation to be resolved with the other person or people involved. When shifts happen here, the question is always: who am I in the world, living from this? How may it play itself out in my life? How does it feel? Look? What happens when I live from this in daily life?

This is a very simple technique, and many traditions and approaches use variations of it, or can be used in this way. Process Work and Voice Dialogue/Big Mind Process comes to mind.

Tibetan Buddhism has an especially beautiful variation. In the first preliminary practice, we visualize all beings taking refuge. They all turn towards awakening with receptivity. No matter how I usually see others – those close to me and everyone else – I now see them as having a change of heart. I recognize their potential. I recognize what is possible for them, whether it will play itself out in the world or not. I cannot help relating to them differently.

In a quite literal way, my world changes. My world of images, this overlay on the sense fields, changes. There is a reorientation. I relate to others, the world, and myself differently.

As is usual for me these days, I sometimes do this in bed before falling asleep or after waking up. Is there anything in the present, past, or in a possible future that feels even slightly unresolved? Anything there is a slight sense of comprehension or unease around? Anything I have a should about? What is it that is not fully resolved? How does it feel? Who are involved? And then: how would it feel and look if there is a full and fully satisfying resolution? What happens when I stay with that image and feeling? Does the image change? Unfold?

And if I want to explore the process first: If I use active imagination or dialogue as part of the process to resolution, what happens? How does it unfold? What do the others say? What advice do they have for me? What do I say to them?

Note: As with anything else here, this is just a supplement to and support for what we would normally do in everyday life. If I feel that something needs resolution, and it involves someone else who is around, I will see if I can work it out there, either before or after this inner work. It is through doing both we may find a fuller and more satisfying sense of resolution.

Also, this approach can be seen as a complement to inquiry. It is a preparation or support for, and a fleshing out of, inquiry. For it to be more fully resolved, also in similar situations, we need to inquire into our beliefs around the situation. What is more honest for me than my initial belief?


  • visualizing resolution
    • visualizing resolution for self/others – how it may happen, feel, unfold, would be in the world
      • fully satisfying
    • variations
      • take third or first person perspective
      • dialogue, active imagination
      • include facilitator, wise person, magic wand
    • effects
      • resolved here, released from knots
      • recognize that resolution is possible, recognize potentials
      • can resolve here, w. or w/out the other person
        • good if the other person is not around or available
        • may make a resolution in the world more likely, icing on the cake
    • used in many approaches
      • tibetan buddhism, visualize all beings taking refuge – resolved in that way (change of heart, receptivity, wish for awakening)

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