Inquiry: They shouldn’t let ideology go before people

They shouldn’t let ideology go before people. (Those in the US who have a rigid anti-government ideology, not caring about its consequences.)

  1. True?
    Yes. At times, it feels true. Stories tells me it is true. I can find others who agree.
  2. Sure?
    No. It is just a feeling. Thoughts. An opinion.
  3. What happens when I take that story as true?
    • I feel it is true. I find stories telling me it is true. I sometimes fuel stories elaborating on how it is true.
    • I tell myself they are wrong. Stupid. Misinformed. Heartless. Caught up in blind ideology. They don’t care about the real-life effects of this ideology. They place ideology over people.
      • They ignore how well universal health care and other government programs work in other countries. They ignore all the data showing that quality of life is far better in countries where there is a fair amount of government regulation and control.
      • They overlook that the government is *us*, it is a society governing itself.
      • They are willing to let millions suffer from poverty or illness, when they could have been helped by society as a whole. They ignore how helping the least fortunate is good for society as a whole – it reduces crime, it allows more people to contribute and make use of their insights, skills, and abilities, and any one of us may end up in a situation where we need that type of help.
      • They ignore that universal health care is far more cost-effective than the current US system, benefiting society as whole. They ignore the other benefits of universal health care, including the incentive to work more on prevention.
      • Some of them call themselves Christian, and yet, it seems far removed from the Christian spirit. Jesus included and took care of the outcasts in society, those most unfortunate. So why shouldn’t we do the same as a society?
    • I feel agitated. Uncomfortable. I want to avoid hearing about, and especially from, these types of people. I experience separation.
    • I want to cut my ties with the US, stay in Norway, and let the US sail its own course. It doesn’t feel right to think about moving back there.
    • I overgeneralize. I tell myself this is typical of most people in the US. I take a few examples, and overgeneralize.
    • What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have that belief? I am afraid I would agree with them. How likely is that? Not very likely. I may – and do – find validity in their views. I may take it into account, but I would still support universal health care, and in general society as a whole taking care of the least fortunate of us.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • Interested. Curious. More curious about where they are coming from. Compassion for them and myself. More willing to acknowledge the validity in their views, even if I would not support it as a policy.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • They should let ideology go before people.
      • Well, if they do, then yes. In their own mind, the have good reasons for doing so. It seems right to them. And I am sure there are understandable reasons for it in their lives.
      • They do have a point, even if I don’t agree with their conclusion.
    • I shouldn’t let ideology go before people.
      • Yes. That feels more true. When I get caught up in my own belief around this, I let my own ideology go before people. I tell myself these people are stupid, heartless, uninformed, misguided. I don’t see them as real people with a multitude of feelings and motives, and perhaps even coming from the best of intentions.
      • I do the same whenever I take a viewpoint as absolutely true. Then that “truth” becomes more important than most other things, including – at times – people.

Additional turnarounds:

  • They let ideology go before people.
    • They do not let ideology go before people.
      • Hm. That could be true. In their mind, they may do it from a concern about people. Even if it is a subset of people.

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