Resolving a difficult matter

Most of us have one or several deep seated hangups. They are all stressful when triggered, and they all come from identification with a viewpoint.

One of mine is getting easily annoyed when people are noisy with their newspapers on the train.

It is easy to ignore these types of hangups because they may seem embarrassing and unimportant.

But it is good to take a closer look at it, partly because it is slightly stressful when I am on the train, and partly because it comes from a belief, and what is already more honest for me than that belief is waiting for me behind it. It is also a pretty safe bet that some of the underlying beliefs come up in other situations, perhaps even situations that on the surface look very different. And in any case, it is a belief that limits feelings, thoughts, and actions in different ways.

I have done inquiries on beliefs related to this hangup: They should be quiet. They should be respectful. It has helped, but there is still some stress there at times, which tells me there is more to look at.

A few nights ago, I decided to use visualization on this topic. I visualized sitting on the train, surrounded by people being noisy with their newspapers, and being completely comfortable. Even enjoying it, looking forward to and wanting people to be noisy with their newspapers. I noticed that it required a deep shift in my orientation, and allowed that to happen, staying with it for a while.

Visualizations work for many reasons. They help set and support motivation. They strengthen commitment. They bring up beliefs around it, including beliefs preventing action, which I can then take to inquiry. They help me explore strategies for getting there. They help me notice and make use of opportunities when they arise in daily life. They give a sense of optimism and that change is possible. They remind me of the reasons why I seek to move in that direction. And, as mentioned above, they allow me to see what needs to shift for me to get from where I am at to where I would like to be.

These visualizations are also similar to prayers. There is a wish for resolution, however it may come about. A wish for clarity, for finding what is more honest for me than beliefs. A wish for Your will be done, not mine. There is receptivity. The visualizations are questions. Is this right for me? Is this the right time? Am I acting from beliefs when I think I need this in my life? What are these beliefs? What is more honest for me than these beliefs?

Quite often, as in this case, I find I am acting from beliefs. And the wish for this particular situation to be resolved remains, since it is primarily a wish for clarity. For being more aligned with reality.

This is also a reminder of how different practices can support each other. Inquiry makes a wholehearted visualization easier. And visualizations brings up beliefs for inquiry, and makes it easier for me to live from the turnarounds in daily life.


  • resolving a difficult matter
    • annoyed on the train, people noisy w. newspapers
    • easy to try to ignore, embarrassing, doesn’t seem important
    • but is a knot, and probably shows up in other ways in my life (one symptom)
    • ways to work with
      • commitment – committing to resolving it
      • visualize it being completely resolved
        • recognize what has to change for me in order for that to happen
        • strengthens commitment
        • helps me more actively look for solutions, opportunities
      • work on beliefs/viewpoints about it
      • pray – allow it to be resolved + let your will be done (whatever it may be)


  • noticing effects
    • from visualization
      • noticed a big shift was required of me, allowed it to happen in visualization
      • the following days, noticed a shift while on the train – wanted people to read newspapers (a natural shift into the final step of the work, I am willing, I am looking forward to people reading newspapers on the train)


– a knot = stress, and identification w. a viewpoint


Most of us have one or several deep seated hangups. They are all stressful when triggered, and they all come from identification with a viewpoint.

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