Let Your will be done

I am returning to the prayer let Your will be done. It has been at the center of my life at different times, and may return.

I notice how it helps me reorient, shift into receptivity, and align more closely with reality.

Your will is life’s will. It’s the will of existence. God’s will. It is what happens. What is.

And my will shows up in two ways.

First as the preferences, choices, and actions of this human self, which are essential for its life in the world.

And then as beliefs. Taking stories as true. And these are always in opposition to reality, to what is.

When there are beliefs, they will always appear in opposition to God’s will. There will be a sense of a struggle. A fight.

And yet, these too are God’s will. These too happen. Preferences, impulses, choices, and actions happen. And taking stories and their viewpoints as true happen. Until they don’t.

It is all part of God’s will.

How does it look in daily life?

There is a shift, opening of the heart, and reorientation through the prayer of let Your will be done. There are the ordinary preferences, choices, and actions. There is receptivity, which makes it easier to notice when there is identification with a viewpoint, which then is in opposition to what is or may be. And this receptivity makes it easier to find strategies to work with what is, instead of against it. It makes it easier to notice rigid viewpoints and beliefs, soften identification with them, and at times do a stepwise inquiry into them.


  • let your will be done
    • reorientation, receptivity, alignment with reality
    • Your and my will
      • life’s will – what happens, what is
      • my will
        • preferences, choices etc. happening here (essential for living in the world)
        • beliefs, taking stories as true – in opposition to reality, what is
      • your will – is all there is

5 thoughts to “Let Your will be done”

  1. this is beautiful- Soul beautiful-
    I took two walks at the beach recently and as I was watching the waves roaring and just being with them I noticed the feeling of just letting go and stepping into vastness.
    the prayer let your will be done- gives wings to places that the mind cannot fathom- it is grace- which makes life more curious to see what will Be

  2. My sister ritu is suffering from mental sickness. My parents expired. Tthe three marriages of my sister collapsed. I do not know her whereabouts. she is missing. I am doing MBA from pune sponsored by company. please guide me how to pray and what to pray for my sister. My other brother harish suffering from mental sickness is missing.

  3. Dear Girish,

    Here is what I pray for in similar situations:

    Show me the way. Show me what I need to see, in this situation.

    Let what’s deeply good happen to….. my sister, brother, myself. (Knowing that I don’t know what that may be, how it may look.)

    Let Your will be done.

    Let whatever obstacles are here – in me, in others, in the situation – resolve in a deep way.

    Hope that is of help. Wish you and your family all the best.

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