Notice, shift, do


A simple way of looking at exploration: Notice. Shift. Do.

Each of them has many facets. For instance….

I can notice that experience is already allowed, including what appears as resistance to experience.

I can notice what is happening in the sense fields, including the overlays of the mental field make sense of the world. How it creates the appearance of a me and I. What happens when these boundaries, gestalts, and interpretations are taken as solid, real, and “out there” in the world, or are recognized as ephemeral overlays to aid orientation and navigation in the world.

What are the sense fields – and all experience – made up of? Is it solid and substantial? Or ephemeral and insubstantial as a thought? How does the sense of solidity appear? Can I find it outside of a story saying “this is solid”, and then an identification with that viewpoint? How does pain, or any sensation, show up in the sense fields? Is it images – a boundary, interpretation, stories about it – overlaid on pure sensations? What do I find in the sensation field? What happens when I recognize, in immediacy, what is there in pure sensation?

How does the me show up in the sense fields? Is it a set of images overlaid on sensations? How does the I show up in the sense fields? Is that too images – of a doer or observer – overlaid on sensations? What happens when there is identification with the images of me and I? What happens when these images, and the sensations they are anchored on, are recognized as images and sensations? What happens when what I take as “what I really am” is recognized, in immediacy, as images and sensations?

I can invite in shifts in different ways. These shifts can be seen as antidotes to a habitual way of perceiving and being in the world.

I can shift into more actively welcome experience, as is, with warmth and kindness, as if it would never change. This is an antidote to an habitual identification with resistance to experience.

I can shift perception through inquiry, inviting in shifts out of habitual identifications with particular viewpoints and stories, and finding the validity and usefulness in a richer set of stories.

I can invite in shifts through using the world as a mirror. Can I find here now, what I see out there?

And as above, I can invite in a shift into noticing what is already here, and notice if there are any effects of that shift.

And finally, there is the doing.

As a first aid, I can use guidelines, living in the direction of more integrity, sanity, kindness.

To dislodge myself from habitual viewpoints and roles, I can see how it is to live from my most juicy turnarounds.

I can notice when I am not following my heart and the quiet voice, and ask myself if my actions are stopped by a belief.  Or notice whether my behavior looks mature, sane, wise, kind in an ordinary and simple way, and if not, see if I am coming from a belief, a fixed viewpoint, which obscures that maturity, wisdom, and kindness.

And as above, in my daily life, I can notice what already is. I can allow experience as is. And I can invite in shifts.


  • notice, shift, do
    • notice
      • notice what already is
      • notice experience is already allowed
      • notice what happens in sense fields + me/I
      • notice identification/release of identification, what happens
    • shift
      • shift into allowing, welcome etc.
      • shift through inquiry
      • shift through pointers, notice what already is
    • do
      • act in ways that are more mature, wise, kind – in simple, ordinary ways
      • notice and shift in daily life

– very simple way of looking at it
– exploring, living


A simple, brief pointer:

Notice. Shift. Do.

Notice what is.

Shift into a different perspective.

And live life from a little more sanity.


– notice
– shift
– do

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