Ghost patterns

This seems to be a common experience: Following a period of inquiry into a particular theme, the mental patterns may still be there but without the emotionality, and then the habitual mental patterns fade as well.

The familiar and habitual mental patterns are triggered as before, and they often take the form of I/they/life should/shouldn’t… But they are “cold”, the familiar emotional component – of frustration, sadness, anger, hope, hopelessness etc. – is not there anymore. The patterns have been examined sufficiently so there is no “hook” there anymore. It is not possible to act and react as if the thoughts are true. And with time, even the habitual mental patterns fade or are replaced with a little more sanity.

Trigger: Going to a pub for lunch, noticing thoughts about some noisy people coming up, and also noticing – to my surprise – that there was no emotional component to it. My thoughts said they shouldn’t be so noisy, they are disrespectful and so on. And yet, it was all perfectly OK. Their actions was OK, as were my thoughts about it. And there was a freedom in choosing to stay or leave.

This was of course just one instance. It may be different next time something similar happens, or in another situation or area of life. And that is fine too. That just shows me what is left.


  • ghost patterns
    • familiar mental patterns, annoyance etc.
    • but free of emotion
    • happens after inquiry…. mental patterns still there, but not “hot” anymore, and fade with time

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