Prayer: Let this change me

A simple prayer: Let this change me, in the best possible way.

Whenever I encounter an experience or situation that is stressful to me, or I experience as difficult or challenging, I can ask life (God, Spirit, Buddha Mind, reality, the Universe) to allow it to change me.

To change me in a yin way, in how I receive it.

And to change me in the yang way, in what I do about it in the world.

In this way, I make myself available for change. I invite receptivity. Curiosity.

I ask myself, what does life ask of me in this situation? How can I receive it in a more sane, mature, wise, and kind way? How can I act on it in a more sane and mature way?


  • prayer
    • let this change me in the best possible way
      • yin – in how I receive it
      • yang – in what I do about it in the world
    • whenever encounter an experience/situation that is stressful/difficult/challenging to me
    • can do in combination in whatever other ways comes to me – the work, big mind process etc.

– the prayer is also connected to The Work – when I notice stress, it is because i believe a thought, so life is inviting me to change how i receive it and what i do with the situation

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