Chronic fatigue

It seems that different cultures and time periods have their own fashionable and mysterious illnesses.

One of ours is chronic fatigue. Is it new or just a new name on an old ailment? Is it due to a virus? Is it a culturally acceptable way for the body-mind system to handle stress?

In my case, it came a few weeks after a viral infection (mononucleosis) and after a longish period of stress. For many years, it was quite manageable, and then it flared up during another period of stress.

It seems that quite different things work for different people. For some, it passes on its own. Others may benefit from yoga or the lightning process.

I have been fortunate enough to find quite a few things that help, including…..

Diet. Being careful with my diet and avoiding (for now) or eating minimal amounts of the foods my body reacts to, such as dairy, wheat, and sugar. Instead, eating a robust traditional diet, mostly low on the food chain.

Breema. Either receiving or giving Breema bodywork helps me change my relationship to the symptoms, and also gives a deep sense of relaxation and rejuventation, and alertness.

NAET. This allergy treatment has helped me with several food allergies.

Sleep. Getting plenty of sleep, including taking a nap in the afternoon or early evening.

Walks, especially in nature, is also deeply nurturing, reminds me of my connection with the earth and the earth community, and clears the mind.

Engaging in meaningful activities and nurturing relationships. This one is essential, and also includes finding meaning – or the genuine gifts in – whatever happens in my life, including the chronic fatigue.

Integrity. Living in a way that is more honest to me, in my relationship with myself and others.

Noticing and inquiring into beliefs that come up, whether they are about cf or anything else.

Allowing experience as is, especially triggered emotions, with some kindness and compassion.

Exploring experiences and symptoms through the sense fields. When I experience fatigue, how does it appear in the sense fields? How does it appear in the sensations only? What is there in the mental field? (For me, an image slowly sinking.) What happens when these combine? What happens when there is identification with these sensations/images? How is it when I differentiate sensations and images? How is it when it is recognized as an object and identification with it softens or is released?

This exploration is the same for any symptom, such as pain, nausea, sleepiness, or whatever it may be, and also any experienece in general. I find that having explored sleepiness this way during retreats helps me explore fatigue now.


  • chronic fatigue
    • fashionable illness
      • virus?
      • something in the culture inviting this particular expression?
    • ways to work with
      • different things seem to work for different people
        • yoga, lightning process, herbs etc.
      • for me….
        • naet, herbs, diet, sleep, breema, walks/nature
        • engaging in meaningful/fun activities, nurturing friendships + finding meaning in/benefits from life in general + cf
        • noticing/inquire into beliefs around cf + its effects
        • isolating sensation, notice sensation + image
          • similar to working with sleep in meditation (notice sensation + image + what happens when identified with or not)
          • or any other symptoms/experience

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