Dream: Smoothly running, robust, organized chaos

I am a member of a group that organizes and makes information available for other community groups. We are in a very large, old, and robust building, with an earthy quality. Everyone is assigned to jobs they are interested in and where they can do their best. There is a great deal of activity, and everything runs smoothly due to good communication. All relationships to employees and groups in the wider community are partnership based. The organization has received a good deal of money, and provide their services for free to the community. I work with the other community groups by letting them know what we do, how they can help us, and how we can do our job in a way that is most useful for them. Everything is very well organized, effective, and has a feeling of smoothly running, organized chaos. Everything also has that same quality of earthy robustness as the building itself. It all feels deeply right.

This organization reminds me of the sustainability group I was coordinator (director) of a while back. It was partnership-based, solution oriented, functioned very smoothly and effectively, and operated in deliberate and organized chaos. If anyone wanted to work on a project, they would partner with whatever other individuals and organizations (businesses, non-profits, government) who shared their interests, and I would provide whatever support they needed. That way, people got to work on what they were most interested and passionate about, which is what makes them do their best work. In the dream, this was taken to the next level in terms of size, robustness, and engagement. This is how it is to work at the edge of chaos – organized yet fluid and sensitive to the interests and needs of the community.

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