Well deserved

After working more consciously with taking responsibility for my own choices, I notice another shift.

I am now happy to recognize that the consequences that come out of my choices are indeed well deserved.

I sow the seeds through my choices and actions, and reap the harvest.

It is easy to recognize this when the harvest is welcome, and there is no difference when the harvest is – at least at the surface level – unwelcome.

I act from beliefs, hangups, confusion, fear, and reap the harvest.

I miss out of opportunities. People get frustrated with or angry at me. And it is well deserved.

Beyond that, it is invaluable feedback. I can learn something from it in an everyday sense, and it is an invitation for me to explore my beliefs beliefs behind my initial choice, and also my beliefs about its consequences.

When I act on beliefs, hangups, and fears, the consequences are well deserved and valuable pointers. And at the same time, it is all innocent and I can find compassion for myself and others.


– well deserved
— the consequences of beliefs, hangups, caught up in fear etc.
— a felt sense of “well deserved”
– as one of many facets including innocence, compassion etc.
– taking responsibility for, then more easy to recognize that – yes – it is well deserved…


When I allow it to sink in, there is that familiar feeling of coming home. It rings true. It is a welcome recognition.

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