Chosen one

The Chosen One is a common theme in mythology and entertainment.

Why is this such an attractive image? Is it only because we secretly want someone to fix our problems for us?

What do I find when I take it as a reflection of what is right here?

In what ways am I the chosen one?

I am chosen to take responsibility for my life, and speak from truth and live from truth.

I am chosen to find wholeness as a human being, to find that wholeness which body and psyche are expressions of.

I am chosen to find what really is, that there is no “I” to be found anywhere.

There are two possible confusions here. First, if I see the Chosen One as only out there. And second, if I see it as only here.

And there is one very valuable guide. To recognize that this is universal and shared. We are all the Chosen One in these and more ways.

Trigger: A blog post on the Chosen One in movies.


  • chosen one
    • a projection
    • can find here
      • chosen to take responsibility for own life
      • chosen to speak truth, live from truth
      • find wholeness as human being (mind-body wholeness)
      • find what really is – no “I”
    • two confusions: if only seen out there, or only here (is universal, shared, same for all of us)


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