Hardwired for truth

Truth feels good.

When I find what is more true and honest for me, for myself and in conversation with others, it feels good.

There is a sense of relief, of coming home. The is clarity, kindness and wisdom.  It is all recognized as innocence.

It feels good throughout all of me. My mind relaxes. My body relaxes.

As Adyashanti says, we are hardwired for truth.

There may be fear at first. And as I recognize the beauty and strength of truth, there is a deepening trust and a more clear and wholehearted desire and thirst for truth.

One of the best supports I have found for finding my own truth is The Work. And one of the best supports I have found for communicating my truth is nonviolent communication, and perhaps especially the book Don’t Be Nice, Be Real by Kelly Bryson.


– truth feels good
— clarity, kindness, wisdom
— recognize as innocence

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