A more wise choice

When others or life don’t follow my preferences, I can ask myself:

Do I know that this is not a more wise choice?

Do I know that the other person’s choice is not more wise than my initial preference?

Do I know that life’s choice here is not more wise than my preference?

Can I find genuine examples of how it may be more wise?

Can I find examples of times when – in hindsight – I have realized that the choice of someone else or life genuinely seemed more wise?

Can I give this story equal chance to my initial one?

By opening my mind to that possibility, the natural intelligence of mind is more free to explore and find what is more honest for me. And an open mind opens for genuine appreciation, and a heart that is open to myself, others and life. An open mind is an open heart.

Source:  Byron Katie in Your Inner Awakening:


  • a more wise choice
    • open for the possibility that the choice made by another person (or life, God) was more wise than my preference
    • give it equal chance, as bk says
    • find examples of how it is true for me
    • open for the possibility, more spaciousness, our intelligence is more free to explore, open mind = open heart

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