Adyashanti: True Meditation

I have returned to Adyashanti’s True Meditation, and am now daily using one or more of the three practices: True meditation, prayer, and self-inquiry.

Highly recommended.

2 thoughts to “Adyashanti: True Meditation”

  1. hi, just wanted to let u know that your contact form is missing! I just came across your site and was reading old posts so I wanted to tell you about a teacher you may be interested in, that among other things addresses specifically the enlightenment of the 3 centers, perhaps you will be able to relate from your own experience….well i’m certain you will…. his name is aziz kristof, with books ‘enlightenment beyond traditions’ and ‘human buddha’…. now goes by the name ‘anadi’ and his newest stuff can be found free online: hope it can be of some use to you

  2. Thank you, Vince. I appreciate it and am looking forward to explore his teachings.

    Thanks for letting me know about the form. It works again now.

    P.S. I read a summary of his teachings. I’ll need to explore it more, but it makes good sense to me. I especially appreciate the three shifts, and also the differentiation between the soul and I AM. It fits my (very limited) experience.

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