Atheists and images of God

A few things about atheism:

When atheists argue against religions and religious institutions, they often have some very good points. There are unhealthy aspects to many religious institutions, including different forms of power abuse. Many atrocities have been committed in the name of religion, often using religion as a cover for political or economic motivations. The three Abrahamic religions are based on bronze age/pre-modern mythology, and while the essence may be as valid today as back then, the packaging is often not.

On the other hand, when atheists argue against God, they are really arguing against their own images of God. At best, these images tend to be narrow, often limited to theistic religions. At worst, they are obvious caricatures and distortions of the images found in Christianity and other theistic religions.

Finally, to the extent they believe their own stories about reality, they make their own views into a religion. They mirror the religious people they argue against.

As usual, this is a mirror for myself.

I always relate to my own images of the world, not the world itself. These imaginations are just that, imaginations.

And when I believe my images and stories about the world, I make these stories into a religion for myself.

Note: I am not too familiar with the most die-hard atheists, so am sure I am missing some of the gold there and also possible pitfalls.


  • atheists and images of god
    • atheists, often argue from their own (often quite distorted/caricatured) image of god (straw man argumentation)
    • at the same time, many good points
    • and of course, the same with others, including me
    • good to notice


– when atheists argue against religions, often some very good points
— the unhealthy aspects of religious institutions + bronze age/pre-modern mythology
– when they argue against their own images of god, then often quite distorted and straw man argumentation
– to the extent they believe their own stories (about reality, life, existence), then mirror religious people, they make it into their own religion


When die-hard atheists argue against religion, they argue from their own image of God, and this image is often narrow, and sometimes caricatured and quite different from how the religious people see God.


When atheists argue against their own images of God, then these images are often distorted and they use a straw man argumentation.

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