Byron Katie: Your Inner Awakening

I am re-listening to Your Inner Awakening by Byron Katie. Highly recommended, as is everything from her. On this one, she talks more about the process than usual.

She should use covers that are less embarrasing (to some of us, especially men).  

True? Yes. That feels true. I am embarrassed to include an image of the cover here.

Sure it is true? No. It’s obviously an opinion. Also, I don’t know which option is best for me (embarrassing cover or not).

What happens when I believe that thought? I feel embarrassed to publish this post with an image of the cover. I feel self-conscious. I don’t want to be associated with a certain type of slightly upper middle-class middle-aged women. (Reminds me too much of my mother’s chatting groups.) I feel an urge to post more neutral or mascule images…. of the Matrix, or Clint Eastwood, or science fiction. What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have that belief? I would post pictures like this and be OK with it, oblivious to how it may look that a guy are into publications with those types of covers.

Who would I be without it? Free to post a picture of the cover. Excited that it goes against my first impulse. Free to post pictures of upper-middle class middle aged women, and also of space ships and Clint Eastwood, and anything else. It’s all part of human life. No need to check to see if it fits with my self image or identity. If it doesn’t fit, then even better, because I get to expand and explore new sides of my self image. I get to be comfortable with more possibilities. I free myself from my own more limiting idea of what is possible for me. And if someone thinks “he is weird, I am not going to connect with him”, that’s fine. I don’t mind instead spending time with people who are OK with someone posting these types of images.

Turnarounds: (1) She should use covers that are more embarrassing . Yes. It helps me find my own beliefs around it and inquire into them. It weeds out those not open enough to find comfort with it. (2) I should use covers that are not embarrassing. Yes, if I believe that thought, then I am the one who should follow it. If I don’t want those pictures on my blog, I don’t need to include them. It is all up to me. (3) I should use covers that are embarrassing. Yes. And I do. It helps me notice and inquire into this belief.

I also see that a large portion of her audience are women, so why not use covers that appeal to that audience? That’s a valid approach.

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