Losing and finding ground

It’s part of life to lose and find ground in different ways.

And that is no different when we are on the love/truth path.

I may make changes in my life to live more in alignment with my truth and heart, and this is an ongoing process. I may chose to leave the familiar and (apparently) comfortable.

I discover more sides of myself and embrace more of my wholeness as a human being in the world. My identities expand and become more inclusive.

There is a loss of identification with stories, images and identities, including the me (human self) and eventually I (doer, observer).

In a very immediate sense, there is an unfolding sense of no ground. There are sensations and images of my feet on the ground, and it all happens as the infinite. Earlier, there may have been a sense of it being solid and real, as those stories were experienced as true. Now, it is all revealed as the infinite. Awake void appearing as feet on the ground.

I continually lose ground in those and many other ways, and continually find new ground.

I find new ground in life and relationships, in choosing to live in a way that is more aligned with my truth and heart.

I find ground in trust, through a deepening trust in the process and in love, truth, and also the infinite and its appearances.

And I find ground in truth, love, the infinite and its appearances is it continues to reveal itself to me.

In Buddhism they call this refuge. There is an ongoing shift from taking refuge in the familiar and conventional to finding refuge in trust, love, truth, and in the infinite and its appearances. And then finding myself as trust, love, truth, the infinite and all its appearances.

There are many changes in my life now, so this is alive and intimate for me now. I continually lose ground in life, identities and identifications. And I keep discovering new ground in life, trust, truth, love and the infinite.


  • losing and finding ground
    • on the truth/love path, lose and find ground
    • lose ground
      • may have to make changes in life, live more alignment with truth/heart
      • discover other sides of oneself, embrace more of the wholeness of oneself as human being in the world
      • also, lose identification with stories, including me and eventually I
      • and direct experience of no ground – there are sensations, images etc. but all happens as the infinite (not substantial)
    • find ground
      • in trust, love, truth, the infinite and its appearances
      • trust in love, truth, the infinite
      • passion for love, truth
      • familiarity with

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