Jac O’Keeffe: What does the I still need to experience?

Excellent talk by Jac O’Keeffe.

If the “I” still needs to experience something, then go and do it. Get the experience, enjoy it, soak it up.

This can of course be combined with inquiry.

What is my list of desires? Which experiences do I feel I still need? What do I hope to get out of it? What do I find when I follow the chain back to the most essential desire?

Is it true it is not already here? What happens if I find it here, and stay with it, soak in it?

And then inquiry into beliefs. What are my beliefs around the desire?

I need [….]. I need [….] to be […].

Having [….] means that [….].

For instance: Having a soulmate relationship means I will flourish. Getting more money means I will be safe. When others love and accept me, I will be OK. Creating a warm and loving family will fill the hole in me.

Is it true? Can I know for certain it is true? What happens when I believe that thought? Who would I be without it? Can I find three or more genuine examples of how each turnaround is equally or more valid?

Note: Why does the “I” need to experience it? Because there is a belief there that getting [whatever it may be] will get me what I really want. It will get me total fulfillment, peace, satisfaction. It will fill the hole in me. It will give me what’s missing, and take care of it forever. Of course, we don’t quite see it that way consciously. We know, intellectually, that it probably won’t be that way. But we still feel it. Somewhere in us, there is a belief that says if I get this, everything will be taken care of. Everything will be fine.

And there are two possible cures: One is to go out and do it, live it, soak it up. And then recognize that, well, it is good, I enjoy it. But it didn’t fill that hole in me as I had dreamed or hoped it would. There is still something missing. The other possible cure is to inquire into it here and now. Take a close and honest look at it. See what’s genuinely more true for me, with specific examples and time to take it in, soak in it, feel it.

What’s still missing, even if I get what I (think I) want? God is missing. Reality recognizing itself, through this human life. That’s the hole that cannot be completely filled by human experiences, by getting what we desire in the world. And sometimes, we just have to go out and do it and see for ourselves. It’s an adventure in any case. It is life experiencing itself.

2 thoughts to “Jac O’Keeffe: What does the I still need to experience?”

  1. Hi Jac,
    caught your smile today at the gas pump, now listened and read just here. At this point in my journey, to reach one of my desires would be tremendous confirmation (validation) that the universe actually loved me too… probably would be more fulfilling than the object of my desires.
    Funny… too far gone to reach what i desire, and too full of desire to reach I.

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