Pointers from Mona Grayson – from her Facebook status updates. I find these very helpful.

Say yes and thank you to whatever happens.

Everything you experience is a gift from Life. A gift from God. Are you receiving these gifts gratefully or are you rejecting them and wishing they hadn’t come your way?

If you find yourself doing something you don’t want to be doing. STOP DOING THAT THING. Ask yourself, what would I truly ENJOY doing? What would allow me to feel HAPPY? Move toward what feels good. Trust that when you feel good you will take care better care of yourself and your life. You matter more than your “stuff.” xoxo

No need to keep sorting life into piles of Good or Bad. Everything belongs in the Good pile. There…isn’t that better? xoxo

When something you want doesn’t happen, something better always happens instead. xoxo

Good news! I get to stay here instead of going to India. I have no idea about the amazing things that are in store for me. I’m open & ready!

When things don’t go that one special way that we planned on them going, there are a squillion other reasons why it’s better it happened the way it actually did. We’re out numbered every time…and majority rules. xoxo

When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out because that’s what’s inside. What comes out when YOU get squeezed (pressured, stressed?)

If you’re feeling blah it’s because your mind is focusing on the blah in life. Instead, focus on ANYTHING that you like. Then think of more things that you like. And more. It’s okay to guide your thinking.

My 90 year-old Granny’s grace before dinner: “Lord, we have so much to be thankful for. And, unless we tell you, we won’t believe it to be true.”

I love being in the right place at the right time. Luckily that’s the only thing that’s ever possible.

Tree branches grow in whatever way they’re meant to go. Life unfolds in whatever direction its meant to go. In some ways, life really *is* a spectator sport.

What would you like to be better at in your life? Have you spent any time practicing that today?

Whatever you do most during the day, you’ll get better at. This means if you complain and worry a lot, you’ll get better at that. If you think of gratitude and live with love, you’ll get better at that. Make sure you’re doing a lot of what you want more of in your life

Instead of only having a ToDo list, what if you had a a ToBe or ToFeel list? How would you like to Be or Feel today?

Recipe for suffering: Comparing. Recipe for enjoyment: Gratitude. I know which one I’m making for breakfast… xoxo

You being anywhere other than where you are now would throw off the order of things. That’s why you’re where you are. It’s such perfection.

If you’re not seeing life as beautiful, your lenses need cleaning.

You know that stuff we breathe in to keep ourselves alive? Officially it’s been labeled oxygen, but I’d rather just call it Love. ?

Being able to receive is an amazing position to be in. What did you receive today?

How would you live today if it were impossible to think of yesterday?

Make friends with what you’re doing. If you really wanted to be doing something else, you’d be doing it. But for some (and possibly many!) reasons, you’ve chosen to do what you’re doing. Alignment feels goooooood.

Here is my favorite so far. It is written down in hindsight, and I didn’t find it when I looked on previous pages on Facebook, so it may not be verbatim.

Say yes and thank you to whatever happens.

Also, and especially, when it doesn’t fit into your plans.

If it doesn’t fit into your plans, explore how you have been spared. And why it is wonderful for yourself, the other, and the world. Use specific and concrete examples. (From Byron Katie.)

I also like to think of this one:

You being anywhere other than where you are now would throw off the order of things. That’s why you’re where you are. It’s such perfection.

with a slight variation:

You being anyone other than who you are now would throw off the order of things. That’s why you’re who you are. It’s such perfection.

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