My genetic journey

I have given my parents a kit each from The Genographic Project so they can map the journey of their ancestors on the female side. It’s fun, and it does give a more immediate sense of connection with our ancestors going back a few tens of thousands of years. And the results become part of a mapping of human migration paths, which makes it more than worthwhile.

At the same time, the maps we will receive is just two strands of thousands and thousands. The full picture of the journeys of of ancestors is far richer and more dense. And beyond the human, there is an even richer picture. We are are closely related. We are all parts of the living evolving Earth.

So it is fun. It becomes part of an important research projects which helps us recognize ourselves as part of an intimate human family. And yet, the results will be a couple of random strands from an infinitely more rich tapestry, and we are all – all Earth life – closely related anyway. This is just another reminder.


  • my genetic journey
    • christmas present, fun to explore
    • and yet, have a very large number of ancestors, so the complete picture is much more rich and dense – have ancestors from all the major paths to northern europe
    • and beyond the human, an even richer picture – related to all beings, it’s the living earth unfolding
    • so fun, yet one strand in a much richer picture, and we are all closely related anyway

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