2012 revisited

I’ll make this much simpler:

Do I pretend to know what’s going to happen?

If so, why?

What do I hope to get out of it?

What do I actually get out of it?

How would it be if I didn’t have that thought?



The most visited post on this blog is a brief post on 2012….!

Most of these visitors probably didn’t find what they were looking for. When we have our hopes or fears up, we usually want info about the world “out there” rather than taking a look at the dynamics of our own mind, and that’s understandable and often appropriate.

At the same time, if our thoughts create stress or discomfort for us, it may be good to look at what’s going on.

We may have inner guidance or revelations, and they seem accurate and true or have been so in the past. The stories may come from a source we trust. The stories may fit into our existing world view. They may fit into our fears or hopes. And yet…..

Even if it appears good and desirable, do I know it is best if it happens?

Even if it appears certain, do I know for certain it will or may happen? What is my proof?

Even if it is from a source I trust, do I know it is accurate?

Whatever the story is, do I know it is true? Do I know for certain it is true?  What happens when I believe the thought? What am I not able to do with that story? What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t believe that thought? What does the belief get me? How would it be without the thought, if I couldn’t think that thought? What is the validity in the turnarounds?

And if I think something will or may happen in 2012 and it doesn’t, how do I respond?

Do I explain it away? Do I tell myself and others….

It wasn’t time. Not enough people were ready. Something happened so it didn’t go according to plan. It will happen differently. It did happen but most people didn’t notice. It happened, but in a different way than most expected – perhaps at a more subtle level.

Or do I look at the dynamics of my own mind? Do I look at my own beliefs and how I relate to my own thoughts?

And why wait until 2013? Why not explore this now?

In 2012…..

Nothing will happen, apart from what’s already happening and in progress.

And it means that…..

People believing 2012 is a turning point are misguided.

Or, in 2012….

Something will happen, and it’s….

And it means that…..

People not believing something will happen are misguided. It means something wonderful/horrible will happen. It means I am in on something most people are not, so I am in a privileged position. And so on.

More concretely:

What do I think will actually happen? Most likely nothing apart from the usual. There will of course be natural and human-made disasters as there is in any one year, and perhaps slightly more than usual of the natural disasters due to continuing climate change (more heat and humidity in the weather system). Earth’s magnetic field will shift at some point, although we don’t know when (within a decade, century, millennium?) or how quickly it will happen, and that too is routine. It happens regularly, and there is no indication that it will impact life to any significant extent. There will be no planet zooming by and no shift of the Earth’s axis (if there was, we would know about it). And there will be – and is – a shift in human consciousness since that too is routine, but that also tends to happen over longer periods of time and not within any one year or decade or even century. So I don’t really buy into the 2012 theories, mainly because there is no reason to expect anything different that year. None of the sources seem very reliable, and the seed of the 2012 theories was planted by some random French guy in the 1970s and then elaborated upon by others.

If this is correct and nothing special happens, how will the 2012 enthusiasts interpret it? Some may say that a shift did happen, but most people didn’t notice. Some may use routine events and take these as evidence. Some may say that we were not ready, or that too many people were skeptical so there wasn’t enough “critical mass” to make it happen. And some may chose to just let it pass in silence.

And if something happens, despite my own expectations, then I’ll have to admit I was wrong. It has happened before 😉

The only possible indication in my own experience that something is shifting is my experience of time and the future. I usually have a pretty good sense of my own immediate future (next few months and years), but now there is no sense of the future. I cannot probe the future anymore as I used to. I have no indication that this is anything more than just about me, and I don’t know what’s behind it, so even this piece of “evidence” is very flimsy at best and really nothing at all.

Update: I am getting several impulses inviting me to revisit this. I know I have a hangup (a belief, slight reactivity) about 2012, so it’s good to look at.

First, I see that many of the things they talk about relating to 2012 – major changes in terms of climate, economy, sustainability, world order, human consciousness – are things I have been interested in for a long time. So in terms of the general views, they are in alignment with what I am already familiar with.

What triggers my hangup is more (a) when it is not grounded in science and reason (which it can be), and (b) when it is pinned on 2012 instead of this period in human history in general – spanning years, decades and even centuries. But as a friend of me reminded me this morning, many may need to pin it on a year to make it more real for them. It’s difficult for me to swallow, but I see it is true.

So yes, I agree with much of it. We are headed into a period with major changes. We need to shift from a petroleum to renewable sources, and we need to do it much faster and at a much greater scale than we currently are prepared for – and we are running out of time. The climate is changing, and again faster and perhaps more dramatically than many expect. Our economical system is fundamentally flawed – based on growth and not aligned with ecology. The US economy – and empire – is at the edge of inevitable collapse, which will impact the rest of the world.

What can we do as individuals?

We can work on ourselves: Shift into a habit of allowing and befriending experience, and especially that which we have been escaping (fear, pain, discomfort). Find a habit of recognizing and questioning beliefs, and see what’s more true for us. Look at and clarify our priorities – what’s most important to me in my life?

We can strengthen our human connection, and especially in our local community. This is our real capital when things get difficult, either for us as individuals or for our larger community.

We can encourage and support local businesses, and especially local farmers.

We can find ways to live more simply and more frugally, and have more time and resources for what’s really important to us.

And in general, we can prepare the ground for the needed and coming changes right here, in ourselves, our own life, and our own local and regional community.


  • 2012
    • for some, good opportunity to examine the dynamics of the mind, and our beliefs, fears etc. – good projection object
    • project fears, hopes, images into the future
      • if “inner revelations” from self or others, or from a source we trust….
        • may appear certain, desirable or not etc.
        • but even if (a) apparently good or (b) apparently certain, we don’t know – never know for certain, is at most a possibility (even if those types of revelations have come true in the past), still just images etc., good to recognize as just occurrences in the sense fields with an overlay of stories – stories of significance, desirability etc.
          • if appear good, do i know the best is if it happens?
          • if appear certain, do i know it will happen?
    • as usual, good to examine
      • is it true? can i know for sure it is true?
      • what happens when i believe that thought? what do i do differently? what am i able to do? what am i not able to do?
    • and…. if i think something may happen and it doesn’t, how do i respond?
      • do i explain it away (it wasn’t time, not enough people were ready, something happened so it didn’t go according to plan, it will happen differently, it did happen but people didn’t notice, it happened but in a different way etc.)
      • or do i look at my own dynamics, my own beliefs, how i relate to my own thoughts?

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