Byron Katie: The Gift of Criticism

The Gift of Criticism by Byron Katie.

When we understand what criticism is really about, we find that it is one of the most powerful tools for self-realization and growth – if you really want to know the truth.

Here are some steps on how to use and understand criticism for your highest benefit:

When someone says you are wrong, unkind, unclear, uncaring, etc., feel it. Settle into it before you strike out; experience it, even invite it. Ask yourself, “Is it true? Could they be right?” Wait for the answer.

No matter what anyone says to you, or about you, if you experience stress, then you are the one who is suffering from your hidden secret – the secret you hide even from yourself in the moment – and the mind will do its job at this point which is to attack. Your own mind’s attack is the cause of stress. Stress is the signal that it is time to ask you, time to inquire, an opportunity for you to know the truth. Stress is always an opportunity to experience forgiveness with the people you judge and those who judge you, and to end stress within you. Forgiveness cannot be found anywhere else. Forgiveness is when you realize that what you think happened didn’t.

Being honest with yourself and being vulnerable can be the end of the illusion of being manipulated in any way. When you are genuinely humble, there is no place for criticism to stick. This is where clarity takes on life as effective, kind action.

Inquiry is a direct internal path to freedom from the lie and from deep secrets, and therefore, freedom from the fear of your lies being discovered.

Via Janey from Korea.

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