Dream: Apocalypse

Some friends talk about vast conspiracies and impending crack-down, limited freedoms and war. I listen for a while to hear what they say, then mock them. But then it happens, exactly as they had described it, and I find myself without support. There is no phone, no internet, very limited transportation (only local and very expensive), I have very little money and no income, and there is no tap water. With the new rule, there is also a great risk I will be imprisoned (or beaten up or killed) for my views. Even within the first few hours on the first day, a man takes a large bribe for not turning me in.

This is a very humbling dream. I mock the advice and warnings of my friends, and then it happens exactly as they said. And I find a great deal of what I had taken for granted – phone, internet, transportation, freedom of speech, water, support from friends, protection and support from the government – taken away from me, and I am powerless in doing anything about it. I realize I am experiencing what a large number of people around the world experience and have experienced. And I recognize how arrogant I was, mocking the warnings and taking all this for granted. It is clear that this arrogance was a protection against admitting that they could be right, and that all this can be taken away from me (and will at death).

Day residue: Hellboy II and listening to a podcast about life in Norway in 1943 – a first person story from 1970 accidentally played on repeat on my mp3 player through the night.

Also, this reminds me of 2012 and how I tend to secretly – and sometimes not so secretly – mock people who take their stories about major world changes as the truth. The truth is that I don’t know, and it could happen.

Update: I just searched on “police state” for images appropriate for this dream, came across some US anti-government sites, and saw this tendency in me again (secretly mocking them, telling myself they are crazy). It’s good to notice. And there is some juicy material for inquiry there as well.

Update 2: I see that when I mock others for taking stories about 2012 seriously, I create my own police state. When I believe my own stories about them, I create my own internal police state. I do just what I experienced happening to me in the dream.


– mock people who talk about vast conspiracies and war
– then it happens, and I recognize how arrogant I was (to protect myself)
– now, without support from anyone, friends don’t trust me
– no phone, no internet, very little transportation (only local and very expensive), very little money, and no tap water (woke up)
– very strict control (dictatorship, soviet union)

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  1. I have the same self-judgments about mocking (secretly) people with far-out beliefs about the future. Thanks for revealing yourself as you have. With much appreciation, Joe

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