The Troll Hunter

I just watched Trolljegeren – The Troll Hunter – and was reminded of a couple of common themes in stories about trolls.

Trolls burst in daylight. As long as they remain in the dark, they are fine. But as soon as the rays of the sun hit them, they burst. This is familiar to me from my own experience.

I keep certain thoughts and emotions in the dark because they look scary, and this keeps them looking scary. And yet, when I bring awareness and attention to these – examining the stories and allowing the emotions, there is a shift. The light of awareness reveal them as innocent and – in themselves – harmless. The trolls burst. They are only harmful as long as they are kept in the dark.

Also, trolls can smell Christian man’s blood, and get fearful and angry when they do. I know this too from my own experience. When I am am caught up in my inner trolls, the last thing I want is often to have the light of awareness shone on what’s going on. I resist awareness. Much easier then to find, hunt down and get rid of any reminders of awareness.

Of course, as I get more familiar with how trolls burst, this gradually shifts and I may at first reluctantly acknowledge that the light of awareness may be helpful, and then slowly allow it in.

Christ – and Christian man’s blood – here represents awareness, wholeness, wisdom, kindness, and fearlessness in shining the light of awareness into dark places. And perhaps even more importantly, a growing trust that it is OK to shine the light of awareness into dark places.

  • trolls
    • trolls burst in daylight
    • what’s scary is not so scary in daylight, and also when the light of awareness shines on it – brought into awareness (allowed, explored) – either in relationship or on one’s own
    • also, smell christian man’s blood – fearful/angry b/c represents the light of awareness, wisdom, kindness, fearlessness in allowing + exploring (at least enough to do it)

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