Inquiry: They are insane!

They are insane.

Three specific instances:

Commenters on an integral/Buddhist blog. A person commenting on a BBC documentary on Jesus on YouTube. And some folks on a Facebook page supporting a Russian asylum seeker in Norway.

And in general, some folks commenting on news articles, blogs and social media sites.

Is it true?

Yes, that’s my immediate and gut reaction. It feels true. My mind tells me it is true – at least to some extent. My friends would probably agree, again to some extent.

Can I know for certain it is true?

Nope. It is most likely not true in a clinical sense. (I would be very surprised if it was.) It’s just an expression of surprise and difficulties in understanding where they come from.

What happens when I believe that thought?

I really feel they are insane. It’s a gut reaction from my side. Fear comes up. Disbelief. Astonishment. Frustration. Most of all, fear comes up because I sense fear and anger from their side, and the situation seems volatile and unpredictable. (Even if it is all happening on the internet and I don’t know any of these people.)

I have stories supporting this belief – that they are insane, at least in a loose sense. In each of the three cases, I tell myself they are caught up in beliefs and fear, and it is expressed as one-sidedness, irrationality and defensiveness.

Who would I be without it?

Receptive. Curious. Interested in understanding better where they come from, find the validity in their views, and explore ways to communicate in a way that may invite trust and receptivity on all sides.

Curious about how they are mirrors for me. How and when do I do the same as what I see in them? How do I relate to them, here and now, in the same way?


They are not insane.

Yes. They are most likely not insane in a clinical sense. Also, they act and respond in a way that is natural – and in some ways sane – when they believe the stories they believe. And believing stories is common and ordinary, and not really insane.

They are sane.

Yes. I am sure they are sane in many areas of life, even according to my story. They are most likely sane in a clinical sense. They respond as I would if I believed the same stories as they do. It is natural, and sane, to believe stories. And it all comes from innocence.

I am insane.

Yes. I am insane when I believe this story about them. I go into reactive emotions and one-sided stories. I deny my own truth.

My thinking is insane.

Yes, as above. My thinking is insane when I believe my stories about them. It is requited to prove my beliefs and ignores whatever doesn’t fit. It triggers reactive emotions, which in turn may fuel the beliefs. I leave my sanity – receptivity, curiosity, a more balanced view, taking others as a mirror for myself.

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