Inquiry: They are naive

They are naive.

The Norwegian tourists headed to Egypt, saying “it will be fine” when interviewed.

Is it true?

Yes, it seems true. It seems to fit the stereotype of the naive Norwegian travelling abroad. (Expecting everything to be as safe and orderly as in Norway.)


No. It’s an idea, an opinion.

What happens when I believe that story?

I feel that I know, and they don’t. I feel superior. More world-wise. More insightful.

I see them as naive. Reckless.

I experience separation to them, myself, life.

Who would I be without that story.

Recognizing that they are most likely right. It may be a little uncomfortable for them, but that’s most likely all.


They are not naive.

Right. They know what’s happening there, and chose to take the risk. They recognize that they will most likely be OK. They will most likely avoid the most dangerous places and situations.

I am naive.

Yes. When I believe that story, I am naive. My thinking has to prove the story, and not explore stories that don’t fit.

My thinking is naive.

Yes. When I take the story as true, my thinking becomes naive. It becomes one-sided. Simplistic.

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