Inquiry: They are narrow minded and conventional

They are narrow minded and conventional.

The Norwegian government when they consider only two options: Overhead power lines or sea cables to cover increased demand for electricity on the west coast.

They don’t consider the option of reducing the demand for electricity, which not only is feasible, but is the most cost-effective and makes sense all around.

Is it true?

Hm. Yes, I’ll have to say yes.

Sure it is true?

They may have considered and then discarded the option, for reasons I am not aware of, and reasons that may make sense to me if I were aware of them. So I’ll say no. I don’t know for certain it is true.

Also, it is just an opinion, a story from my side.

What happens when I believe that story?

I am frustrated. I remember back to my time in the sustainability world where we worked with government agencies, local businesses, and citizen groups, and these alternatives were seriously taken into consideration and actively pursued by government agencies and our local power company (MGE in Madison). Why are Norwegians so far behind and so conventional/old-fashioned in their thinking in this area?

I feel I am right, I know what’s best, I know what’s the future, and they don’t. They are stuck in the past. The are narrow minded. They are short-sighted. They don’t see the larger picture.

I am frustrated. Agitated. Annoyed. My breath is more shallow. My jaws and shoulders tense. My facial expression sours.

I experience stress, tension, discomfort, and blame them for it.

When did I first what that thought?

In middle school, if not earlier. I thought the government, and people in general, were narrow minded when they didn’t pursue solutions that are more ecologically sustainable and more socially fair and responsible.

Who would I be without it?

Receptive. Curious. Interested in what’s going on. Why don’t they pursue it? Do they have good reasons? What would it take for them to pursue it?

Open to see and acknowledge the value in their decisions.

More free to argue this point in a way that seem more balanced, informed and fair, and others are more likely to listen to and take seriously. (It is too easy to dismiss arguments that seem one-sided and coming from ideology and reactivity.)

I see all of us as on the same team.


They are not narrow minded and conventional.

Hm. That could be. I am not aware of what they have considered, or their reasons for pursuing what they are pursuing. There may be factors at play I am not aware of, but would make sense to me if I were. Also, they are not narrow minded and conventional in other areas, but quite progressive and aware of the larger picture.

I am narrow minded and conventional.

Yes, I am certainly conventional in my own way. These stories and reactions are very familiar to me, at least since my early teens.

And I am narrow minded when I believe that story about them. My thoughts are in service of that belief, and not free to explore other possibilities.

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