Inquiry: They are gullible

They are gullible.

They are irrational, naive and gullible.

They have been deceived. They deceive themselves.

Much of the Norwegian media, and many of the ones who want Madina Salamova (aka Maria Amelie) to stay in Norway. They seem to be caught up in a mindless herd mentality, without questioning their views, assumptions, or the consequences of the policy changes implied in their views.

What they are ignoring:

Her father is a wealthy business man fleeing from his creditors. There is a reason he and his family has not been granted asylum in Finland and then Norway.

They keep calling her a paperless refugee, but she is not paperless. She has a birth certificate and can get a new passport from the Russian authorities without problems.

She has taken a cute pseudonym (Maria Amelie). If she used her real name, Madina Salamova, would she receive the same level of support?

She is charming, smart and have Norwegian values. If she was a dark-skinned bearded middle-aged man with non-Norwegian attitudes, would she receive the same support?

She has several other options for staying in Norway. She can marry her Norwegian boyfriend. She can seek – and will most likely receive – a work permit.

She knows how to use the media to her advantage, and the media plays along without questions asked.

She is a bad poster child for the real paperless refugees. The ones who’s situation is much worse than hers.


Yes. It seems true.


No. It’s an opinion. And there are many other explanations.

What happens when I have that belief?

I tell myself they are irrational, naive and gullible. I find reasons why it is true (as above).

I tell myself I know, they don’t. I get it, they don’t.

I initially agreed that she should stay, but when I see the herd mentality, I get disappointed and switch view. I speak up for the view that is ignored (as I so often do).

What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have that thought?

I am afraid I will join the herd. I am afraid I won’t question their views and arguments.

What is more likely?

That I will want and speak up for a more nuanced view anyway.

Who would I be without it?

Curious. Receptive. Seeking a more nuanced view.


They are not gullible.

Hm. Well, they are probably not gullible in many other cases.

They may arrive at a more nuanced view later on.

They may arrive at a more nuanced view if they get more information.

They are insightful.

Probably. They may be insightful in many other areas.

They use a charming and smart person as a poster child for a certain group of asylum seekers, which is smart in some ways. (Although can easily backfire later on.)

I am gullible.

Yes. As soon as I believe my initial story about them, I make myself gullible. I get caught up in defending that point of view.

I am gullible in many areas of life. I lack information. I don’t think it through properly. I believe stories and make myself simple minded.

My thinking is gullible.

Yes. My thoughts say other thoughts are true, and then try to make them appear true. They are very gullible in that way.


Outcome: I see how gullible I am. I am equally gullible as them. They are my mirror.

There is a sense of release, empathy, interest in finding a more nuanced and truthful view.

Update: I see some people are speaking up about this now, almost two weeks after I wrote this.

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