Radical, and radically simple

The pointers and tools I find works best for me are often very simple. And they may also, from a conventional view, be a bit radical.

It’s the usual ones:

Question any stressful story, any underlying belief – including those that seem most obviously “true”, and find what’s more true for me.

Allow, welcome, be any experience.

Thankfulness for all, whether it appears desirable or undesirable. I do this through thank you as a heart prayer, or writing it down as a gratitude list – I am grateful for….

Well-wishing for everyone, including myself, those I care about, those that bug me, and those I don’t know. For me, this often takes the form prayer.

Explore sense fields, see how they combine to create experiences – including the sense of a me, I, and identification with stories and images.

Work with dreams through active imagination. Go back into the dream, replay it, explore it through questions and actions, and see how the dream and the dream characters respond.

Take any statement or answer as a question, a pointer for own exploration.

And with any of these practices, see what beliefs gets stirred up, welcome them as a friend, explore them, and see if anything else is more true for me.

It’s radical simplicity for simple minded folks.


  • radical
    • question everything – all beliefs, underlying assumptions, even that which seems most obviously “true”
    • allow, welcome, be any experience
    • thankfulness for all
    • well-wishing for all
    • explore sense fields
    • ………
    • radical, and radical simplicity
    • radical simplicity for simple minds (me!)
    • ………
    • also, learn how to navigate, live from

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