Dream: David Copperfield isn’t performing

I am in a rural community, and in a small community building that’s only about a third full. We are waiting for David Copperfield, and I am shocked there are not more people there. The organizers have done a very poor job promoting the event – they thought it wasn’t needed since he is famous. David Copperfield arrives, takes one look at the room, and decides to not perform. He had expected his usual type of venue, and his usual number of audience members. Some in the audience are very disappointed. I sit there thinking that I when I did that type of job, I was much better at it. I could get 5,000-6,000 people, at least, for David Copperfield.

My conscious attitude in the dream is I could do a much better job promoting this, which is true when it comes to these types of events. (I did it in the sustainability world, but the promotion is the same.) So apart from sitting there feeling smug, how does this dream relate to me?

It was a bit of a shock to find it: I do the exact same thing when it comes to promoting what I have to offer. When something is obvious to me or easy for me, I tend to play it down and tell myself it’s obvious, everybody knows it, no need to pursue it or promote it.

I have done it with my art, photography, music, healing, seeing energies, insights, studies, meditation, and much more.

And I have also done it with opportunities in life – it’s easy, within reach, obvious – so I let it go. And regret it afterwards.


– small community, grange-type building
– organized event with david copperfield
– very small building, and only 1/3 full, they had done a very poor job with advertising ==> thought it wasn’t neccesary b/c he is famous
– he won’t perform, he thought it would be one of his regular large events with four digit audience
– i sit there, thinking that when I did that type of organizing job, i was much better at advertising (email, groups, social media, flyers, interviews on radio and in papers and magazines, word of mouth, calling etc.) – i thought i could get 5,000 – 6,000 people at least
– everybody are disappointed, i feel sorry for them

– my pattern: i think something is obvious, easy, everybody knows it – so why make a big deal out of it, why even continue doing it (w. art, meditation, insights etc.)
– i tend to assume that what’s obvious or easy for me is that same for other people, so don’t do much to pursue or promote it

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