Dream: Leading a TRE workshop

I am organizing and leading a TRE workshop. A great number of people attend. I am a little nervous before we start, and recognize it is just out of old habit. There is an undercurrent of an earthy calm fullness, and I drop into it as soon as we start.

This may well happen at some point. At the very least, it is something I am already doing with Breema. The main theme is the initial nervousness out of old habit, and the undercurrent of robust relaxed earthiness and fullness. There was a sense of the nervousness being as a little leaf fluttering on the surface of the earth.

Update: This played itself out today. My train was 20 minutes late and I ran to get there on time, feeling as I did initially in the dream. Then it relatively quickly shifted into the sense of relaxed earthiness and fullness.

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