Inquiry: They should ask for help

They should ask for help.

(The people in Libya seeking to overthrow Gadaffi. As it is now, they say they want to do it on their own without foreign interference. My thought is that they are misguided if they would rather risk to lose than win with foreign help. Why set pride above life and success?)

Is it true?

Yes. I definitely have that thought, and feel it is true.


No. It’s an opinion.

There is nothing inherent in reality saying it is true.

What happens when I take that story as true?

I think I am right, and they are wrong.

I see them as misguided. I tell myself they would rather risk lose and die than win with foreign help.

It seems very likely they will lose without help. Gadaffi is likely to fight to the death to stay in power, and he is supported by a professional, well-trained, well-equipped army of paid foreign soldiers with no loyalties to the people of Libya. If they lose, they will not be treated gently by Gadaffi. Many or most of those in active opposition to Gadaffi will most likely die.

I tell myself they set pride higher than a free Libya and the survival of themselves and their loved ones.

I tell myself they seem somewhat immature.

I get agitated. Tense. Experience stress. Discomfort.

I see I am caught up in a story and know it is unbalanced. I set myself above them. I tell myself I know and they don’t. I know I am caught up in confusion.

That adds another layer of discomfort.

Who would I be without that story?

Open. Receptive. Interested.

Receptive to the validity in their views.

Receptive to seeing when I do the same.


They shouldn’t ask for help.

Yes, they are true to themselves when they don’t, as long as that’s how they see it and how they feel. They are in integrity, at least at that level.

Maybe they can make it on their own, against all odds? It’s possible. Stranger things have happened. And if they do, they may be more galvanized since they stood together and did it on their own.

–> I will support whatever brings democracy to Libya in the least painful way possible, but I also have to acknowledge that I don’t know the bigger picture. I don’t really know what’s best in the big picture and the long run, even from a conventional point of view.

I should ask for help.

Yes. The advice is for myself.

–> I should ask for help when I need it, and not try to do everything myself.

And beyond just asking for help, I wish to listen to it, take it seriously, try it on.

My thinking should ask for help.

–> Yes! When my thoughts are believed in, they should ask for help. That’s very true.

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