I am more and more grateful for reminders.

My body is tense. It reminds me to take a closer look at what’s going on. I resist experience, so I can shift into allowing – or being – experience. I hold onto a thought as if it is true, so I can find what’s more true for me than that thought.

I have committed to daily all-inclusive gratitude lists. It is a reminder to find genuine gratitude for whatever is happening. For asking myself, how would it be to find gratitude for this too? For what’s happening, whether I (at first) like it or not?

A friend receives a ticket for using her cell phone while driving. It is a reminder to drive safely.

My stomach aches. It’s a reminder to take a closer look at what I eat. It is a reminder to eat what is more nurturing for me.

An old friend disappears out of my life. It’s a reminder to nurture friendships that are nurturing to me. It’s a reminder that everything is a guest in my life – including other people, and even my own life.

I complain. It’s a reminder to take a closer look. Which thought do I hold as true? Is it true? What’s more true for me?

I experience pressure in life. Which experience do I resist? Which thought to I take as true? What is it I don’t want to see?

I need to pay rent or mortgage (actually not right now). It’s a reminder to take care of myself financially.

I pay taxes. It’s a reminder we are all in this together. It’s a reminder that I am taking care of others (roads, schools, government, health care), and they take care of me.

A friend disagrees with me. It’s a reminder to look at it from a perspective I am not used to.

A teacher disappoints me. It’s a reminder to look at my expectations and beliefs, and find in myself what I hoped to find in the teacher. It may also be a reminder of what I really seek in a teacher, and then find someone I can have a more satisfying connection with. (I am sometimes disappointed by spiritual teachers if they are not gritty or radical enough, or don’t use themselves as models for hangups and how to work with it.)

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