TRE – Tension and Trauma Release Exercises

I had my first TRE session today, led by a friend, and – wow – it was very powerful.

From about halfway through and for the rest of the day, I have felt a sense of grounding, a nurturing soft fullness, relaxed wholeness, flow and ease – on my own and in my interactions with others. There is also a sense of spaciousness in all directions.

The idea behind it is simple: Children and animals shake and tremble when they experience something stressful, while adults have learned to control, freeze and shut down. And through a set of very simple exercises, we can set the stage for that trembling and shaking, which in turn releases tension. This resets and reprograms how we experience ourselves and the world, relate, and live our lives.

There is more info on the TRE website. I especially enjoyed the Carte Blanche Medical video on TRE.

A bit more on my experience, the first entry in my TRE log:

During the first warm-up exercise, I noticed some tension and dread come up. It was a static and slightly uncomfortable position, and I noticed feeling a bit trapped and some panic and dread coming up. This continued for the first few exercises, with a small amount of trembling. During the one with my back against the wall, there was more trembling, especially in the right leg. A few minutes into the final – floor – position, I noticed holding back a bit and tensing up more than I needed. As that extra holding released, my legs started shaking – first gently and then more fully and freely – and this spread throughout the body in waves.

I noticed a sense of solidity and grounding from the first exercise, and a sense of soft fullness and spaciousness about half way through. This stayed with me for the rest of the day, and it was also there in my interactions with others. I felt more solidly myself and more free.

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