Befriending beliefs

My process now – as it has been for a while – is to befriend experiences and stories taken as true.

The Work is a great guide for befriending beliefs – training wheels for the process of inquiry, which after a while becomes more fluid and natural.

What’s the underlying belief? Is it true? Can I be certain it is true? What happens when I believe that thought? Who would I be without it? What is the validity in each of the turnarounds, and can I find specific examples?

There are also some other questions I find helpful.

What’s the grain of truth in the belief in a conventional sense?

What’s the innocent impulse behind it? What do I hope to get out of the belief?

For example:

I am right –> I want to know.

She is doing it wrong –> I care about her. I try to find a sense of security through knowing how it should be done.

Something terrible will happen if I don’t (pretend I) know –> I want to feel safe.

I also look at my beliefs about beliefs, and inquire into these.

Beliefs are bad.

Beliefs create suffering.

I need to see through beliefs.

It’s better to be clear. (Than caught up in beliefs.)

It’s better to befriend beliefs. (Than combat them.)

Is it true? Do I know it is true?


  • befriending beliefs
    • getting to know + open heart to it and it’s consequences, and reactions to it
    • inquiry – the work
      • what happens when believe it?
        • stress, tension, unease, separation etc.
      • is it true?
      • who would I be without it?
      • validity in turnarounds
    • additional
      • acknowledge the validity of the belief in a conventional sense
      • see what it has helped me with in life – some of it’s benefits
      • find the innocent impulse behind it
    • in general
      • may find it’s all innocent
      • become familiar with the dynamics around it
      • become familiar with how it is to live from one of the most juicy turnarounds, and without the belief


  • beliefs about beliefs
    • the main one – it’s true, the story is true
      • then, as start inquire into them
      • beliefs are bad
      • something terrible happens if I am caught up in beliefs
      • beliefs are wrong

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