Belief – fear

Sometimes, and quite often while in bed, inquiry is wordless.

I notice identification with an image. It’s used as true. I notice the symptoms – unease, tension, an image to defend as true, sense of separation etc.

Is the image or story true?

Is there a fear behind it? How is it to notice the fear, allow it, welcome it?

What’s the image or story behind the fear? Is it true?

It’s also interesting to befriend the image of a center or doer in this way.

There is an image of a center or doer located in the head/mouth area. I notice some identification with it. I notice the readiness to defend it.

Is there a fear behind this identification? What happens when I allow it? There is a sense of softening of identification, release.

Whats’ the story behind the fear? That I need to know where I am in space. I need to locate myself. This brings up fear of not being able to locate myself within content of experience.

Is it true? Do I need to locate myself in space? Is it OK without it?

How is it without this image? I find myself as the field of experience. Is that OK? Yes. This human self can still function fine.

What is – what am I – when I see that this first “I” is identification with an image?


  • belief – fear
    • notice identify with an image, use it as if it is true – notice the symptoms  – unease, tension, an image to defend, sense of separation etc.
    • is there a fear behind it? – notice the fear, allow it, welcome it
    • is there a shift?
    • is the image true?
    • also interesting to explore identification with an image of doer/observer this way

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