Dialog with Big Belly

Can I speak with Big Belly?


Who are you?

Big Belly.

Do you end somewhere?


Were you born?


How are you similar to Big Mind?

I am without beginning or end, birth or death. All that happens within and as me.

Everything – all content of experience – happens within and as me.

I am as big as the world. No end.

I am that which time happens within and as.

How are you different from Big Mind?

I am a soft velvety blackness.

I am inside of everything, experiencing existence from the inside out.

How do people experience you?

How do I experience myself through people?

I experience myself as infinite, a deep velvety blackness.

I experience myself as peering out from everything – every particle.

I experience myself as inside of all, and also everything happening inside and as me.

I experience myself as deeply healing for the human self. It can deeply relax, let go, allow itself to be nurtured and healed.

I experience myself as trust, a deep trust in life, existence, the process of life and unfolding.

I experience myself as that which allows for a deep relaxing, a deep letting go, for the human being.

Why are you called Big Belly?

It’s what you call me! You made up that name.

In your experience, I am more related to the belly, while Big Mind is more related to the head, and Big Heart to the heart.

It’s a metaphor, but for you,  it’s also something more. I opened up for you through the belly, through the openings in your belly.

How can you help P.?

I am here for him. I am always here, available.

If he feels he needs me, he can make himself more available to me. That’s his job.

How can he make himself more available to you?

He can make himself more available through relaxing, sinking into the body and especially the belly area.

He can make himself available through noticing that what he already is, is the whole field of experience.

Does he need you?

Hm. He already *is* me. He is me appearing as form.

He may experience that he needs me, or “more” of me, and that may be true in a relative and limited sense.

When he is more receptive to me, it may help him greatly at a human level. He finds a deeper relaxation, trust. He feels nurtured. He opens himself to more of himself.

Wounds are more available to be seen, felt, loved.

Anything else?

It may be good for him to seek out and spend more time with others who are receptive to me.

Also, spending time in nature is good.

And anything that helps him relax into the body and embrace more of himself, including those parts that don’t fit who he thinks he should be.

The shaking he is allowing (TRE) these is probably good for him – it releases old tension and traumas, and helps him feel more free and helps him trust.

He is doing fine.

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