Inquiry: I need suffering to learn

I need suffering to learn.


No. It’s a story.

What happens when I take that story as true?

I think, feel and act as if I need suffering to learn.

I seek out suffering. When it’s here, I may not do what I can – what I m called to do – to ease it or let it go.

I hold onto suffering and the cause of suffering – beliefs.

I allow myself to suffer, even when I can do something about it – change in situation or inquiry.

Who would I be without it?

I would do what I am called to do to reduce/eliminate suffering, either by changing the situation or through inquiry into beliefs.

I wouldn’t have nostalgia for suffering. I would be OK with letting it go.

I appreciate clarity.


I don’t need suffering to learn.

Hm. That’s true.

At most, suffering guides attention to where I am not aligned with reality.

From there, I learn through inquiry, through clarity.

I need clarity to learn.

Yes, that’s more true.

I learn through clarity, for instance inquiry.

I need comfort to learn.

Yes, that’s true too.

–> The situations where I learned and matured the most were also comfortable, safe, allowing me to find receptivity and pay attention.

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