Inquiry: Insight is better

Insight is better.

(Insight is better than confusion, lack of insight.)


Hm. Yes, I can see I sometimes feel and act as if it’s true, so the belief must be here.

Sure it is true?

No. It’s at odds with reality, so it’s not true.

What happens when I take that story as true?

Hm. I feel that insight is better.

Images and stories tells me it is true, and I take it as true.

I act as if it is true.

I seek insight. I feel I need insight.

I become needy around insights.

I am frustrated if I don’t have the insights I think I should have.

I am frustrated if I don’t always have new insights.

I want to hold onto insights.

I make insights into stories, repeat them to myself, try to keep them fresh in mind.

I may leave experience and go to stories.

There is stress, tension, frustration, sadness, anger etc. depending on how I see myself in relationship to insights.

What do I hope to get out of insights?

Clarity. Peace.

Feeling I am OK. Safety. Security.

Respect. Appreciation. Love.

People will like me. Appreciate me. Love me.


Who would I be without the thought?

Receptive. Curious.

Interested independent of insight or not.

More aligned with what I am – that which insights and absence of insights happen within.


Insights are not better.

Hm. Depends on what I mean with insight.

The type of insight that is made into a story and belief is not necessarily better.

Insight and absence of beliefs are equal part of human life, equal expressions of existence.

Insights and absence of insight are both expressions of the whole of existence.

They reflect movements of the whole.

They each have infinite causes, stretching back to beginning of time and out to the whole of existence.

Insights are worse.

Yes, it’s easy to see when they are made into beliefs.

Then they become yet another way to be at odds with reality.

They are another place within content of experience to be identified.

They easily get mixed up with additional beliefs such as I am right, they are wrong.

They are partial at best, so are misleading if I take them as true.

Insights can easily become a treadmill where I constantly seek new and better insights.

Lack of insights is better.

Hm. It’s easy to see where not having the story of insights is better.

(Not having the stories of “I have an insight”, “insights are better”.)

It’s more aligned with reality.

Allows for more receptivity. Curiosity.

Additional beliefs:

Clarity is better.

Awakening is better.

Selflessness awakening is better.

Truth awakened to itself is better.

What we are awakening to itself is better.

Bliss is better.

Joy is better.

Flow is better.


All of these are beliefs that may appear at different phases in the process.

First, perhaps beliefs about bliss, flow, insight, guidance etc. – beliefs about what happens in the early phases of the process.

Then, beliefs about selfless awakening, truth awakening to itself etc. – beliefs of what happens a little later in the process.

All of these are identification with stories and viewpoints.

Each of these is an identification with something within content of experience as opposed to something else within content of experience.

Each of these create resistance to experience. Holding onto a viewpoint. Friction with the natural flow of what is. Identification as something at odds with reality.

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