Inquiry: Something is wrong

Something is wrong.


Hm. Yes, it feels true.

Sure it is true?

No. It’s just a thought. An opinion. An interpretation of a feeling.

What happens when I believe that?

I think that something is wrong, and believe it. I feel that something is wrong. I find something to pin that thought on, I find something I tell myself is wrong.

I feel at odds with reality, with life.

There is tension. Stress. Discomfort. Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Grief. Tantrums in different flavors.

Who would I be without it?

Curious. Receptive. Interest.

Sense of one field. One taste. Experience is experience.


Something is not wrong.

Even when I think something is wrong, I also think that some things are not wrong.

I am alive, have food, shelter, friends, enjoy myself at times etc.

Nothing is wrong.

Hm. That’s more radical.

My thoughts create ideas of right and wrong. It’s not inherent in reality or the situation.

In that sense, nothing is wrong. Nothing is inherently wrong. Nothing is wrong in itself.

Wrongness is not inherent in existence or situations.

Something is right.

Yes, as above. Even when I believe that something is wrong, I also have thoughts saying something is right.

When I believe something is wrong, there is something right there too.

The belief creates unease, and that unease is a reminder that I am caught up in a belief. I can easily see that as right. It’s a support for me.

The dynamics around beliefs are my friend.

My thinking is wrong.

Hm. If I take right and wrong as absolutes, my thinking is wrong. It is not aligned with reality.

When I believe that the thought something is wrong is absolutely true, my thinking is wrong.

My thoughts are then in service of that belief. They try to make it seem true. They ignore whatever doesn’t fit. They interpret what happens to make it fit.

My thoughts are chained to that belief. They are not open to other possibilities.

They don’t serve me as well as they could.

I become a slave to the belief, instead of my thinking serving me and life.

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