Mirror both ways

One of the reminders I keep returning to:

What I see “out there” – in the wider world, in the past or future – is right here.

And what I see right here is also “out there” – at least as a potential.

What I see “out there” is filtered through my own images and interpretations, my own mental field overlay. I can notice this when I close my eyes, bring attention to what’s in the other sense fields (sensations, sound, sight, taste, smell) and then bring attention to the mental field overlay, the images that organize, located and interpret what’s appearing in each sense field. I can also create images of the room, the building, the neighborhood, people, places, events, past and future – and see how these are all mental field creations.

What these images reflect or trigger in me are here too – emotions, feelings, states and so on. Whatever my images and stories bring up in me are here, even if my stories sometimes place them “out there” in the world or the past or future. I may have images come up about something from the past, it brings up an emotion that’s similar to back then, a story tells me that emotion belongs to the past and what happened then. When I see this, I see that it’s all happening here now – the images and the emotions.

Whatever happens in the field of experience – whether my mental field overlay interpret it as in “me” (human self) or the “wider world” – happens within and as awareness. And whatever happens within the field of experience, and the awareness it happens within and as, happens within and as capacity, that which is empty of it all so it can allow it all.

This is a more immediate way of inquiring into beliefs and projections. I notice attraction or aversion, taking a story as true, see how it is created from images in my mental field, find what they reflect and trigger right here, and notice it all as happening within and as awareness, and all of it within and as capacity.

I also find it’s helpful to do this the other direction: what I see and know here, is also out there – at the very least as a potential.

I find there are only dynamics here and no entity that’s doing it or it’s happening to. How would it be if I relate to other people that way? How is it if I relate to what they do and say as dynamics and not created by an entity? Is there more compassion? Ease? Understanding? Is it easier to allow each one to have their own experience, their own path, their own unique unfolding?

Whatever is happening in the field of experience is awareness. Awareness appearing as ephemeral form to itself. How would it be if I recognize it all as awareness for other beings? How is it if I recognize that whatever is experienced there is also the play of awareness?

The same goes for recognitions, insights, qualities and characteristics. Whatever is here is also in each other being, at the very least as a potential and often more than that. How would it be if I relate to each being as already knowing what they are, even if they don’t quite believe it or trust it?

How would it be to live from knowing that I am a mirror for each being, as much as they are a mirror for me?


  • mirror both ways
    • what I see “out there” is here
      • what I see “out there” is filtered through my own images, interpretations – mental field overlay
      • what these images reflect or trigger in me are here – emotions, feelings, states etc.
      • it’s all happening within/as awareness
    • what I see here is “out there”
      • only dynamics, no entities
      • all expressions of awareness itself
    • …..

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